Why do you need to charter a yacht?

Sailing is generally the most captivating and pleasurable exploit in the universe. Chartering a yacht gives you the ability to navigate as well as helping you plan out a vacation that completely fits your lifestyle and your desire. We are always here to guide you in making the best choice for your need, no matter the reason for your quest for a yacht. Whether for corporate events or on family holidays, we will assist you in selecting the most suitable yacht, as well as destinations and crews that perfectly fits.

What does the booking process entail?

After your decision to hire a yacht, you undergo a very easy booking process. Our specialized agents who act as the major communication line in-between parties involved, giving professional guide as well as outlining the rentals in details.
It’s simple! Just tell us your complete charter requirements; location, dates, specific type of yacht, cabins number, your budget etc. After a critical analysis of these details, we will in turn provide you with a proposal of available yachts based on your requirement. After the arrangement of the yacht in line with the given details, the charter agreement will then be signed. A form will be sent to you as regards your preferred beverages, food itineraries as well as individual interests. The provided information is sent to the captain and the crew, so that your needs are adequately catered for.

Are there additional costs applicable to my charter?

Statutory extras involves fuel and provisions – check for A.P.A below
For charters that needs a berth away from homeport, there may be mooring fees applicable
For charters that needs the yacht to begin or stop a charter outside its home port may have fees for delivery or redelivery applied
Guest are to use their discretion in paying crew gratuities, even though it is traditional to give between the range of 5% and 10% when you are satisfied with the attention gotten from the crew during your charter.

What is A.P.A?

A.P.A which means Advance Provisioning Allowance strictly applies to crewed charter only. The charterer will have to pay for expenses in regards to fuel, berthing cost (out homeport), beverages, food and specific services you may have need of. In order to cover cost, we demand for A.P.A which normally ranges between 20 percent and 30 percent of the main charter fee. This is handed to the captain before boarding the yacht. After the charter (or if requested for during),the captain ought to present a detailed analysis of expenses made; with either a refund of unspent cash or payment request peradventure the A.P.A got exceeded.

Are there any activities available in the yacht charter?

There are a number of yachts with water sports, these sports varies based on available sports equipment. Such water sport includes knee boarding, kayaks, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling etc… If there are available equipments, the cost is usually included to the charter cost. Some of the activities like Scuba diving would usually cost an additional fee and would be coordinated by your crew. Your charter agent or crew can recommend on shore activities which varies based on your location.

What items are needed on my sailing vacation?

There may be inadequate storage on board and your crew would always be grateful for a soft bag. Don’t forget that during your period of sailing, you will spend most times in shorts and bathing suit. Some items that are very important to have on board includes hats, cotton T-shirts and shorts, bathing suit, sun cream, sickness tablets, warm dresses for cold nights, shoes with rubber soles for your protection and that of the yacht deck, camera and sunglasses.

Can I have preference for drinks and food during my yacht charter?

Soon after your booking, you will have to fill up a Preference Charter Form; this contains your preferences, like itinerary, provisions and some specific requests. The preference form is further transferred to your captain in order to make appropriate preparations. You may also want to have a direct contact with your crew and captain; we will definitely allow you to.

Can I give a specific route?

Definitely! You may want to define your schedules and routes, however, the opinion of the captain / skipper should be sought on this, as their decision is final on whatever has to do with navigational and technical safety.

What is the daily cruising limit?

Sailing distance varies based on your planned route and preference; however we will recommend nothing more than six hours cruise per day. Although it is very rare for yacht to meet this average, as a lot of routes focuses on utilizing the yacht and its equipments for water-sports, instead of using it for long number of passages.

Are clients allowed to smoke on board?

Smoking on yacht depends on the individual yacht. For safety reasons, some yachts would not allow clients to smoke inside, though at the decks, there are smoking areas.

Can one use personal watercraft?

The use of private watercraft like waverunners, tenders and jet skis is permitted in most destinations only when the operator is certified and meets with regulations governing local operations.

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