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Menorca yacht chartering is the perfect holiday for anyone who loves the ocean, abundant sunshine and pristine, isolated beaches.  But that’s not all you will discover about Menorca when you holiday here.  Menorca is also known for its great cuisine, architecture and historical sites.

As the least known of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is also the least overdeveloped due to being declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993.  That means that it is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where you can still find isolated virgin beaches even during the busiest summer season.  Along the southern coast of Menorca the turquoise-colored water is shallow enough for children.  So if you are planning a family holiday, chartering a yacht and exploring this island from the sea is the way to go.

If you love nature and sports, besides the beaches and swimming, Menorca is a great place for cycling and walking (hiking trails encircle the island), and horseback riding and kayaking which are also popular here.  During the day as you tour the island you will discover hidden caves and inlets, unique archeological sites, museums, shops and even a water park.

Dine Like a King in Menorca

Son Vent is the summer residence of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, located on the grounds of Marivent Palace, the summer residence of former King Juan Carlos, on the larger island of Mallorca.  According to Juyoung Seo, author of an article entitled, Top 5 Reasons to Visit Menorca:

“Food has always been interesting in Menorca with sobresada (spicy pork paste), ensaimada (spiral pastry, a specialty in the Balearic islands), succulent meat (from the locally reared cows), Mahon cheese and the famous “caldereta de llagosta” (lobster stew, which the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, supposedly gets at his favorite restaurant when he sails into Fornells, a port on the north of the island).”

Therefore, when we say, “Dine like a King in Menorca” we are being literal.  The royal family often sails over to Menorca.  In recent years many wonderful restaurants have opened up throughout the island.  Who knows, you may find yourself docking your chartered yacht next to the king and eating in the same restaurant.

Enjoying the Night Life on Menorca

Michael Turtle is an Australian television and radio journalist who began a blog when he became a world traveler and adventurer several years ago.  Here is what he has to say about yachting around Menorca:

“The usual experience out on a yacht…in Menorca would be a leisurely cruise along the coast with stops for swimming, lunch on the deck, and a few drinks. But every trip is organic and natural and that’s the charm. It’s about living the life on the sea for a day.”

Once night falls, you will find lively night life, especially at Ciudadella, Mahón and Fornells.  There are also hundreds of berths that are equipped to look after yachts up to 50m.

In summer, you will want to check out Pedra Viva Summer Festival.  This festival shares the arts and culture with the public through a range of music concerts and dance performance and plays.  It is located at the limestone quarries called Pedreres de s’Hostal.

As you can tell, a Menorca yacht chartering holiday allows you so much more exploring and fun than a land holiday would.  It is guaranteed to be an adventure you will want to repeat often.  It may even become a tradition.

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